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The wind was blowing over the treetops.
-"God, I'm so bored."
The forest has always been healthy and living but if it weren't for the breeze from the wind, you could almost assume the whole forest was dead. Not a single sound in the air.
-"I haven't been doing anything fun for days now. I could give anything for some entertainment!"
The gust of wind slowly faded away and soon the whole place were silent again.
-"Great. Time for another day of boredom." Jet though as he were sitting on a branch a good distance up from the ground. Being the Pikachu he was, he loved to be active and run around the open fields, but he really disliked doing it alone, and he hasn't seen anyone else for days. He were used by now to be lazy for the days coming and go, but he would soon realise that today would be different, when he suddenly heard something.

The sound of a twig being broken echoed across the area. Jet got taken by surprise by it and quickly turned his head around, seeing if he could see where it came from. First he didn't see anything, but quickly afterwards he heard the sound of some leaves on the ground being trampled. He quickly looked down and saw something down there, moving.
-"What… what is that?" he asked himself as he studied the creature, who now was standing almost under him, just a few meters away from the tree. The creature was slightly bigger than Jet and it had white fur. He also quickly noticed a pair of wings on its side. Then he saw its eyes. They were brimming red and Jet got a little scared for a moment. Jet understood is must be some kind of flying type pokemon, and since electric Pokémon has a huge advantage against flying Pokémon, Jet slowly got filled with self-confidence instead and slowly jumped down to a lower branch, without making a single sound.

The creature on the ground didn't take notice of Jet slowly climbing down the tree. Instead, it has its own things to think over.
-"Just have to admit it, I'm lost." it said for itself while looking around for any landmarks. "And I'm tired as well, so I'll start thinking over getting out of here later." it said as it started to look around for a suitable place to take a nap on. It quickly found a nice patch of grass, that unknown to him was placed directly under Jet, who was watching it with big interest. It lay down on the soft grass and moments later it was sleeping lightly. Jet decided to make his move and jumped down to the ground next to it.
-"What are you, and why are you here?" Jet quickly thought as he walked around the creature that didn't seem to be aware of his present. Even if Jet loved to run around and play in the open fields, there was one thing that Jet liked more than anything else, and that was tickling. He hasn't been tickling anyone for a long time so a growing temptation made him close in on the feet. The feet were slightly brushed up from the walk but they weren't injured or anything. Anyways, before he could tickle it, he had to make sure it was ticklish, so he slightly poked the feet with a single finger. Nothing happened. Jet wasn't satisfied so he stroke across the sole next, and this time the creature did wiggle his foot in reaction to the finger. Jet got happy since he knew he just found a ticklish sleeping creature right under his tree.

Jet moved quickly since he didn't wanted it to wake up just yet. He quickly grabbed a large patch of tall grass and tied it around both the feet and then made the same thing with both the arms, with the difference that he tied the arms separately from each other. Lastly he picked up a pointy leaf from the ground.
-"This will do great." He said as he sat down by the feet again. "Time to see where this goes."

Jet began by stroking a single sole with the leaf. Once again it caused some wiggling reactions but still no laughs. He made some quicker strokes across both soles and finally he heard something he hasn't heard for a long time.
-"hhehehehe!" the creature slowly giggled while still being asleep. Jet got tired of it sleeping all the time, since it would be much more fun for Jet if the victim was awake, so he lay down the feather and started to scratch both soles with his claws instead.
-"GHhhahahahahaha!" it laughed out together with a snore and both its eyes flew open in surprise. "WHAHahahahahatt's going on!" it screamed out, still a little unaware of the situation. Jet didn't want to stop so he continued to scribble across the soles and also up between the toes, which caused some even heavies laughs.
-"IIEEEAHAHAHAHAhahahahahhaaaaa! STOOHOHOHOPPP THAT! It screamed out and tried to pull his feet away only to realise it was tied down to the ground, and the same was about both arms. "WHOHOHOHO ARE YOUHUHUHU!" it screamed out.
-"Hmm, my name's Jet, and I really likes your feet." Jet said softly as he kept on scribbling the feet. And you, who are you?
-"I TELL YOU IF YOU STOHOHOHOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOOPPPP!" it answered as it once again tired to break free, but it was futile.
-"Fine, don't tell me then!" Jet said annoyed as he jumped up onto its belly and started to tickle its sides. This caused it to laugh even more.
The laughs were not hysterical and it had since long started to cry from the laughs. It once again tried to break free from the grass holding him down, and this time it almost managed to break free. The grass holding down his arms starts to wear down. Jet didn't notice this and instead decided to use his tail to brush some more on his feet while he could focus more on the pits, which he did.

The laughs were pretty high at this point and they started to wear out too, probably due to exhaustion. But with one last push it once again tried to break free and this time it got both arms free. It instantly used them to cover up both its sides, which caused Jet to get stuck with his arms.
-"Ouch! That hurts!" Jet cried out as he tried to get free, but it was pretty hard. The other one breathed heavily and moments later it talked.
-"Now allow me to present myself. My name's Moggy and I would appreciate if you could get down from me." he tried to say as polite as possible.
Jet got worried and decided it was time to get away fast. He quickly charged up and moments later he let out a huge wave of electricity right at Moggy, who quickly got paralyzed by it. Jet used this moment to pull out his arms, jump of Moggy and fast climb up the tree. It took some time before Moggy got back to his senses but once he was back he removed the grass wrapped around his feet and got up on them. He looked up and saw Jet looking down at him from a safe height.
-"Do you really think I'm just going to leave like this?" Moggy shouted up towards Jet that quickly answered.
-"If you try, I'll just shock you again. You can't reach me up here, haha!" Jet said with a slight grin. Moggy didn't bother about his grinning. He just pointed a finger up towards Jet, and to Jet's big surprise, a huge flame suddenly appeared from his fingertip and flew straight up towards him. A few seconds later Jet was lying on the ground again due to falling down from the branch he was on. Moggy walked up towards him.
-"So, you apparently like to tickle others, don't you?" he said as he watched over Jet and made sure he still was awake from the fall.
-"Uhmm, yeah. I do." he said, and had a good hunch on where things were heading.
-"I see." Moggy said as he sat down on Jet's belly and smiled.
-"… what are you going to do?" Jet asked, with a hint of fear on his voice.
-"I don't know. How about this?" Moggy said as he started to rub both of Jet's sides with his hands pretty rapidly.
-"AHHHHH! HEHEHEHEhehehehehe!" Jet laughed out and tried to escape, but the fact that Moggy was bigger than Jet made itself reminded since Jet couldn't move an inch. Moggy continued to rub the sides up and down very rapidly, making sure he would get his payback worth.
-"IHEAHHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHhehehehehe!!!" Jet laughed out as he tried to regain some of his breath. He was already crying since Moggy didn't show any bigger mercy. Moggy continued with rubbing Jet's belly, which caused Jet to start squirm some more, since the belly was his most ticklish spot.
-"AAAAAAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!!!" Jet screamed out as he tried to keep up with his breath, but it was as good as pointless since Moggy was at his biggest weakness. Moggy however started to feel that he had enough so he started to slow down the activity.
-"AHAHAHAhahahahah! PLEAAASEEE STOOHOHOHOPP! I AM SOHOHOHRRYYY!!!" Jet squeaked out through his laughs. Moggy kept on a little more before he finally stopped. He then got up on his feet and looked at Jet, who was still breathing heavily.
-"… Thanks." Jet said through his breaths.
-"Hmm, I knew you liked it." Moggy answered with a smile.
-"How did you know that?" Jet asked as he slowly got up on his feet again.
-"Because you could at any time choose to shock me again to make me stop, but you didn't. Must have been a reason behind that, don't you think?"

Jet giggled slightly for himself and quickly climbed up his tree again. Once up, he looked down at Moggy one last time that now had turned around and was going away his way. Jet wasn't really sure how, but he was certain that he made a new friend today.
Here is a ticklestory RQ made by :iconcloud5001: featuring his Pikachu character Jet and my Moggy.

The second tickle work for now. Nothing to special on this one. It's good enough I think and he didn't wanted it to long. Enjoy :D

And also, for some reason I needed to include a preview image for a textstory. Never happened before. Therefore the stockimage of a feather =P

Jet (C) Cloud5001
Moggy and story (C) Me

You can probably expect one more ticklework later on. I have one more planned before I call it enough for now.
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Cloud5001 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2010
Thanks I like it alot
MoogleMage Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you likes it then :) Also thanks for the fave :handshake:
Cloud5001 Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2010
your welcome
MoogleMage Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cloud5001 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010
I look forward to reading other new stroies you make
MoogleMage Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you :) Hopefully will I live up to expectations in the future :D
Cloud5001 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010
Your welcome and I'm sure you will
MoogleMage Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hehe :giggle:
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